Friday, February 13, 2009

Une révolte? Non, sire, une révolution.

No resolution in sight in Guadeloupe, but Sarko has yet to board his jet for the island. Instead, rumors circulate that Yves Jégo, the man in charge of pesky little overseas territories, is on his way out for having allowed things to get so far out of control. M. Jégo seems a little exasperated with "les organisations patronales" in Guadeloupe--a polite term for the white overlords who rule the black population, which has been demonstrating in massive numbers: "A crowd of 20,000 in Pointe-à-Pitre ... is the equivalent of two and a half million in metropolitan France." That calculus may be a bit dodgy, but the implication that the upheaval in the Caribbean is but the first sign of the social fallout from the economic crisis and will soon spread from periphery to center is to be taken seriously. Meanwhile, the opposition is speaking out where the president has remained silent. Olivier Besancenot sees "grounds for inspiration" in the uprising and a model for "what ought to be done in the coming weeks in France." And Opinionway now has Besancenot outstripping both Ségo and Martine as the Left's best shot against Sarko in 2012 (but hasn't Opinionway been accused of instrumental polling in the past, and what better way to sink the Left than to panic the PS into emulating Besancenot's revolutionary saber-rattling?) (h/t Boz, Éloi).