Monday, February 16, 2009


Anne-Marie Affret, Jean Tiberi's assistant in the 5th Arrdt., has confessed to registering fake voters, something she had previously denied.

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DNA Testing Buried?

The controversial DNA tests for family reunification have been quietly set aside by Eric Besson, the new minister of immigration, according to this report. All that sound and fury for nothing? Was DNA testing always nothing more than a bone to be thrown to the far right to attract votes?

Royal Opposes Rejoining NATO

Ségolène Royal opposes Sarkozy's proposal for France to rejoin the NATO command structure. She sees the move as a "fallback onto the Western sphere," a forfeit of French independence, and a defensive move that harks back to the mentality of the Cold War and may, by implication, antagonize the Russians. France can best engage Obama's new American multilateralism by remaining independent rather than by signaling subservience (she does not use the word, but the idea runs as a thread throughout her text).

In other words, the Socialist Royal is espousing a frankly Gaullist foreign policy that the putative Gaullist Sarkozy deems outmoded.

Groux on Strikes

Guy Groux analyzes the evolution of French strikes.