Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hesitation Valls

Manuel Valls all but throws his hat in the ring for 2012 but ends by saying, "La présidentielle, c'est une question de destin et de circonstances. Il ne faut jamais s'autoproclamer."On the substance he sounds rather sensible, however.

Ségo By a Nose

In what has to be one of the stupidest opinion polls ever conducted, OpinionWay outdoes itself by naming Ségolène Royal the "best opponent" of Sarkozy. Of course, the polling firm didn't actually poll to see which possible opponent would fare best against Sarko in a head-to-head contest. It rather asked, quite literally, who would make the "best opponent," thus ensuring that the result would be a measure of name recognition and recent appearance in the press rather than of any kind of political strength. So we have Ségo beating Besancenot by a nose, followed by Aubry and Villepin. Aubry and Villepin. Really. No kidding.

France needs the equivalent of a Nate Silver: somebody who can authoritatively tell the pollsters why they've got their heads up their ...

Sarko Is Furious

Sarko was not amused by the defeat of the HADOPI legislation. He blames the "amateurism" of Copé et cie. Not without reason. LBJ is turning over in his grave. This kind of error isn't permitted on major votes. The first attribute of legislative leadership is knowing how to count.