Friday, April 17, 2009

Ceci n'est pas une pipe

And the French think the Americans are crazy with political correctness ... catch this!!!

Loose Lips Sink Ships

Sarko was apparently particularly unbuttoned at a bipartisan lunch for legislators yesterday, and eyebrows have been raised around the world, but especially in Washington, Berlin, and Madrid. Is it really wise for a president to "resemble his own caricature?" Or to remark of the prime minister of a neighboring state that "he is perhaps not very intelligent," only to compare him to a former French prime minister who was "very intelligent" but failed to make it to the second round of the presidential election? All while tapping out text messages on his cell phone.

And haven't the French ever heard of "off the record" or "Chatham House rules?" Really, this is no way to run a state, and if Sarkozy doesn't know it, perhaps some wise old head--a Guéant or a Levitte--ought to whisper it in his ear. Perhaps they have, and he is deaf.

British reactions here and here.