Monday, April 20, 2009

Jospin Recommends Discretion

Well, here I sit in Montreal, awaiting tonight's speech by Jospin and tomorrow's and Wednesday's colloquia with him, and I see that he's mixed up in the polemic back in France about what Sarkozy did or did not say about Zapatero. And well he might be, since Sarko was either being ironic about Zapatero in order to mock Jospin or sincerely asserting that Zapatero is a dunce compared to Jospin yet wins elections, while Jospin doesn't. The subtle exegesis of this nice point of presidential apologetics doesn't interest me, but Jospin's advice that a politician must always be on his guard does, since one naturally hopes that among academics what a politician might do is let his guard down for once and say what he thinks. On verra.