Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vaisse on US-Israeli Relations

In Le Monde.

Ségo and Martine Meet, PS Sinks in Polls

The much-awaited joint appearance of Martine Aubry and Ségolène Royal took place yesterday, but a new poll shows that the PS has sunk below 20 pct in the upcoming European elections. Perhaps voters feel that a party that requires weeks of negotiation to bring two of its top leaders together under one roof isn't going to do well by them in the European Parliament. The poor result comes despite the fact that 57 pct of those who intend to vote say that they do so in order to sanction the government currently in place. The beneficiaries seem to be MoDem, the Greens, and the Left Front, however, which jointly poll 32 pct. The Left Front is outstripping the NPA: so much for President Besancenot.