Monday, June 8, 2009

Is the Green Vote a Bobo Vote?

That is the suggestion here. See also Greg Brown's comment to my previous post on the European elections.

Blanchard Lecture on Crisis

I just came across this link to a (lucid but non-technical) lecture (and slides) by IMF chief economist Olivier Blanchard on the causes of the economic meltdown and appropriate policy responses. It's from last November but still worth viewing.


Wolfgang Münchau has an extremely pessimistic but plausible view of Europe's future, based on an expectation that Germany's export-led economy will remain prostrate for years to come owing to a collapse of exports, a sharply rising euro, a severe banking crisis, and "politicians who panic about domestic inflation."

Other comment on Germany by Joschka Fischer and Henry Farrell.

Can this be true?

Is it really the case that one can now be prosecuted in France for referring to a minister as une connasse?