Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Surprise: Saving the Planet Costs Money

It was always so predictable: everyone was in favor of saving the planet in the heady days of the "Environmental Grenelle." France would show Europe the way; Europe would show America. Virtue would be its own reward.

Now that it turns out virtue has a cost--the carbon tax is, horrors! a tax!--the bandwagon has fewer passengers. Cohn-Bendit called the tax "revolutionary," and he's right. But not everyone wants to make the revolution. Michel Rocard, vieux routier, is taking it all philosophically. This is the stage at which Sarkozy gets to show what he's made of. Is reducing greenhouse gas emissions as important to him as stopping kids from downloading the latest Orelsan?

John Bowen on the Burqa Controversy

Here. Bowen is the author of the excellent Why the French Don't Like Headscarves (highly recommended) and of the forthcoming Can Islam Be French?

Globalization and the Market for Wine

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