Monday, August 3, 2009

Francis Jeanson Dies

Francis Jeanson, who created a network in France to support the FLN during the Algerian War (the so-called "porteurs de valise"), is dead at 87. He was a close collaborator of Jean-Paul Sartre.

300K Despite Summer Doldrums

The blog has been in the summer doldrums for the past few weeks, with traffic running at about half the normal level while readers frolic, I hope, at the beach or doze off at their desks, but I am happy to report that we just passed the milestone of 300,000 page views earlier this morning.

Night of August 4

It's not every economist who knows his history, but Thomas Piketty remembers the night of August 4, when French revolutionaries abolished the "privileges" of the Old Regime. He seizes on the occasion--this is the eve of Aug. 4--to enumerate some of the privileges inherent in today's tax system and to insist on their abolition.