Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Who Cares About Climate Change?

The French do. The Americans don't. (h/t Ezra Klein)

Financing Greater Paris

It won't be cheap: tens of billions of euros. To pay for it, fines will increase; bonds will be issued; train tickets will get more expensive; public-private partnerships may be launched.

From Nation-State to Nation-Site

From today's FT, this thought-provoking paragraph:

Facebook has more than 250m users and is growing fast. However, it has no current plans to organise the storefronts into an online mall, or to make money from them by either taxing the transactions that take place on its site, or by offering its own virtual currency.

Think about that. Facebook, with a population roughly 4 times that of France, "has no current plans" to impose taxes or issue a currency. But evidently there are people thinking along these lines. Perhaps it's time to apply for a passport, so I can get out of Facebook if current plans change and it begins not only to levy taxes and float bonds but also to build prisons and draft young men of military age.

Rocard and the Environment

An IMF economist and an energy expert examine the likely impact of the Rocard Commission's proposed carbon tax and question whether it would achieved the desired result. Bernard Girard goes even farther. He sees in this tax a continuation of a pattern that has marked Rocard's entire career.