Thursday, August 6, 2009

What's the world coming to?

No sooner does Sarko leave for vacation than the Conseil Constitutionnel tosses out his cherished Sunday opening law, at least insofar as it treats Paris differently from other cities. What's a hyperpresident to do? First HADOPI, now Sundays. Truly, de Gaulle knew what he was doing when he opposed a constitutional court in France. Especially constitutional courts filled with trouble-making ex-presidents who may not have the current president's best interests at heart. With the Eurocrats making trouble on one side and the CC on the other, Sarko may be wishing he'd gone to New Hampshire again instead of the Riviera.

Est-ce possible?

So Brussels wants French fruit and vegetable growers to reimburse half a billion euros in state aid received from 1992 to 2002 and now deemed illegal, a distortion of the market. And to help angry farmers bear this burden, agriculture minister Bruno Le Maire is now proposing ... additional state aid.

Anybody get the feeling that the game here is like three-card monte? No wonder the EU is everybody's favorite whipping boy.

A Sensible Article About Laïcité

By Olivier Esteves. Here.