Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rocky Rassemblement

Having snarfed up Socialists unhappy at the prospect of remaining in the cold the length of a quinquennat, Sarkozy now seems to be hoovering up to his right. Frédéric Nihous of Chasse, Pêche, etc., seems ready to sign on, as does Philippe de Villiers. Jean-Marie Bockel, one of the previously snarfed Socialists, thinks the new alliance will prove rocky, but what else is the president of La Gauche Moderne to say upon finding himself yoked together with the hunter/fishers and the sovereignist right? And Sarko doesn't appear to have offered these new supplicants anything. They have come to the throne of their own accord, begging for handouts. And why should a magnanimous monarch refuse them. After all, There Is No Alternative (if you check out this link, be sure to catch the presidential bathing costume in the second photo, midway through the column: if they're going to ban burquinis, they might want to rethink the Sarko-suit).

Government Meddling in Wikipedia?

Looks like it.