Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sperber Wins First Lévi-Strauss Prize

Dan Sperber has won the first Lévi-Strauss Prize (h/t Brian Leiter).

The BNF Is Talking to Google

The Bibliothèque Nationale, after holding out for four years, may be ready to surrender to Google owing to the prohibitive cost of creating its own digital library. Denis Bruckmann, assistant general manager of the library, says that negotiations might be within months of an agreement.

ADDENDUM: The library in Lyon has already signed on with Google. And more on Google here. And Charles Bremner here.

Anti-Bonus Petition (Paul Quilès)

I've been asked to publicize this petition calling upon G-20 leaders to limit in one way or another the compensation of financial traders. The initiative is due to Paul Quilès, who served in numerous ministerial posts under Socialist governments. There is some discussion on the blog of Frédéric Lemaître, a senior editor at Le Monde.