Friday, August 28, 2009

Internal Referendum

OK, so the latest in Socialist renovation plans is this: there will be an "internal referendum" in October to decide how the "open primary" of the Left should be organized. Never decide today what you can put off until tomorrow.

Cat Fight in the "Left" Mediasphere, the ex-Ségolèniste book review site, now seems to have swung firmly behind Martine Aubry. Today the Web publication unleashes a blast at its rival, Le Nouvel Obs, for failing to feature an interview with Aubry in advance of the Socialist summer school at La Rochelle, which opens today. The "exclusive" editorial by Barnabe Louche (how can an opinion piece be anything but "exclusive"?) links the magazine's neglect of Aubry to its readiness to lick Sarkozy's boots earlier this year, as well as to the recent poll showing DSK the favorite among potential candidates of the Left, taken here to be a swipe at Aubry. No doubt there is a story behind this story, but the presentation here seems a trifle clumsy--almost as clumsy, dare I say, as the NO's "interview" with Sarko, which was conducted by Denis Olivennes and from which the magazine's journalists were deliberately excluded.

(full disclosure: I am a member of nonfiction's large group of editorial advisors and have written for the site.)