Monday, August 31, 2009

L'Immigration choisie

A new book looks at the realities of the policy of immigration choisie.

Reactions to PS Summer School

Reactions to the PS Summer School are pouring in from all sides. I have to agree (une fois n'est pas coûtume) with Jean-Pierre Raffarin and Xavier Bertrand: the simulacrum of party unity was all façade, and even then the Socialists couldn't stay on message, with Ségolène Royal on France2 last night trying to brand the Right's carbon tax as a "bad tax increase" while promising that the Left would some time come up with the "good carbon tax" that the world needs--a position that Daniel Cohn-Bendit denounced as "ridiculous."

Slow Start for RSA

The Revenue de Solidarité Active is off to a slow start, with only 195,000 "working poor" added to its rolls after a year in operation. Some 2 million working poor are thought to be eligible for payments, and 2 million have actually completed eligibility tests, but only 195,000 have been accepted to date.

The total number of French below the poverty line of 880 euros per month is a remarkable 7.9 million, and, of these, some 1.3 million have received the RSA (which replaces the RMI) at one point or another. Not all of these are "working poor," however. There is also concern that the RSA may lead formerly full-time employees to go part-time, which would be considered a perverse effect.

Slightly different numbers here.