Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How Did She Do It?

There are so many Martine Aubry comeback stories in the press that I'm tempted to suspect that the fix is in. If there were such unanimous hosannas of praise for Sarkozy, you can be sure that someone would see a conspiracy. The truth, I wager, is more prosaic: the old story line--"PS in terminal decline, on the verge of extinction"--had run out of steam. Now we will be treated to a new story line: "Martine revives PS." We will read about the clever advisors with whom she has surrounded herself. We will see the hungry quadras maneuvering to get closer to the new heart and soul of the party. We will hear about the new energies galvanized by the long-awaited renovation, at last under way.

This will endure until the regional elections. Then it will be time to call rewrite.