Friday, September 11, 2009

Hortefeux Scandal Roundup

Azouz Begag sees a lying minister and a violation of the law. Le Monde editorial sees a betrayal of the values of the Republic. Reconstruction of the exchange. Another. Partisan polemics.

Le Monde, while claiming to defend republican values, wants to play down the episode, which, says Eric Fottorino, took place in a "bon enfant" setting and represents yet another unfortunate intrusion upon the "privacy" of public officials characteristic of our degraded age. Perhaps so, but the words of the Minister of the Interior are all the more shocking because they exhibit the cavalier contempt that he exhibits in private for a substantial number of his constituents. And his subsequent denials attest to an equally cavalier contempt for the truth. Sarkozy should fire him.

Hold the Presses: Krugman Defends Sarko!

Paul Krugman, one of the leading voices of the American Left, has spoken out with characteristic bluntness in support of Sarkozy's proposal to impose a "carbon tariff" on imports to the EU:

Yet when France’s Sarkozy says something entirely reasonable on the subject — and something that may well be an essential part of the politics of climate change policy — the usual suspects pop up declaring that it’s evil protectionism.