Wednesday, September 16, 2009

OECD Note on French Unemployment

The OECD's note on French unemployment can be consulted here. Young workers have been most severely affected by the crisis, with a jump in the youth unemployment rate from roughly 18% in 2007q4 to 24% in 2009q2. But "the social consequences of the jobs crisis could be less severe in France than in many other OECD countries" owing to a superior social safety net.

All Politics Is Local

Here's one for the "all politics is local" department.

Labo des Idées

The Socialist Party has launched its Laboratoire des Idées, which is supposed to serve as a "hub" linking intellectuals, from whom the party had by its own admission "cut itself off" in recent years, to the inner circles of politics and policy. On verra. An account of the first meeting can be found here.