Monday, September 21, 2009

France24 Appearance

I'm going to be on France24 today at 19:10 Paris time (1:10 PM EST) to discuss the Clearstream Affair and hopefully set it in a broader context. I'm not sure how one watches France24 except via the Web. There will be two other participants in the discussion.

Kiss and Tell

Suddenly, the presidency has gone all literary. Sarko is reading Proust, and Giscard is rewriting La Princesse de Clèves with himself in the role of princess lover. Only, as befits the media age, the princess in question is Lady Di, with whom Giscard intimates he was intimate prior to her beatification. She was 23, he was 58 and already out of power (so if power wasn't the aphrodisiac in this affair, it must have been economics, or some Gallic je ne sais quoi). Having read one of Giscard's earlier literary efforts, I think I'll wait for the film.