Saturday, October 10, 2009

Regional Candidates

The PS will name the candidates who will head its lists in upcoming regional elections. Here are the names:

Samedi 10 octobre, devraient être investis Jacques Bigot (Alsace), Alain Rousset (Aquitaine), René Souchon (Auvergne), Laurent Beauvais (Basse-Normandie), François Patriat (Bourgogne), Jean-Yves Le Drian (Bretagne), François Bonneau (Centre), Jacques Meyer (Champagne-Ardenne), Emmanuelle De Gentili (Corse), Marie-Guitte Dufay (Franche-Comté), Alain Le Vern (Haute-Normandie), Jean-Paul Huchon (Ile-de-France), Jean-Paul Denanot (Limousin), Jean-Pierre Masseret (Lorraine), Martin Malvy (Midi-Pyrénées), Daniel Percheron (Nord-Pas de Calais), Jacques Auxiette (Pays de la Loire), Claude Gewerc (Picardie), Michel Vauzelle (PACA), Ségolène Royal (Poitou-Charentes), Jean-Jack Queyranne (Rhône-Alpes), Victorin Lurel (Guadeloupe) et Léon Jean-Baptiste-Edouard (Guyane).

Now, it's interesting to me how few of these names are well-known (or known at all) at the national level. Not the least of the paradoxes of the PS is its strength at the local level (it controls 18 of 22 regions) and weakness, not to say disintegration, at the national level. One would think that strong regional leaders would also be presences on the national scene. Except for Royal, this is not the case. National leaders double as deputies and mayors but not as regional heads. From a US perspective, where most presidential candidates are drawn from the ranks of senators and governors, this looks very odd. Do any of you political scientists out there have a ready explanation?