Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lycée Reform

Sarkozy's announcement follows the recommendations of Richard Descoings: rehabilitate the L track (with an emphasis on "language" rather than "literature"), more guidance for students, more flexibility of choice, including midterm changes.

Right On

Bien vu! Pascal Riché on the Jean Sarkozy nomination.

French Iran Hawks

It had to happen sooner or later: French experts accusing the Obama administration of going soft on Iran. John Vinocur has ferreted out two, and since they are pushing a line that he likes, he plays up the news without giving much in the way of detail.

These French concerns are not feigned. Why this so-called French hawkishness?

Above all, because President Nicolas Sarkozy truly considers an Iran with nukes the world’s greatest and most immediate horror scenario.

Does he? More horrible than the line that Vinocur appears to advocate, namely, a pre-emptive attack on Iran?