Friday, October 16, 2009


The new Socialist Party Web site will be called LaCooPol. This is supposed to be a hip abbreviation of La Coopérative Politique, but to me it reads more like La Coupole. I think either of the chic café on bd. Montparnasse or sous la Coupole, neither of which strikes me as the right image for the workers' party. But of course that isn't what the Socialist Party is either. Still, they really shouldn't be playing up la gauche caviar image.

Or maybe we're supposed to think "cool pols."

The Designation of the Heir Apparent

Sometimes a president's biggest blunders are the decisions to which he devotes the least thought. Placing his son at the head of EPAD is unlikely to have occupied much of Nicolas Sarkozy's time. He could do it, so why not? Yet it has mobilized opposition like nothing else in recent months, including within his own party. Even the mayor of Neuilly, supported for his position by Jean Sarkozy, sees disaster in the move, enough to have challenged it in public twice. In Le Monde yesterday, two sociologists diagnose a nouveau riche syndrome: Sarko, forced by negative publicity to rein in his penchant for spending freely on lavish vacations and sumptuous galas, has compensated by attempting to found a dynasty in the classic manner of the parvenu (h/t Bruno). The crassness of the maneuver has become the butt of humor everywhere, a sure sign of a political misstep. Rama Yade goes so far as to link it to the Polanski and Mitterrand affairs, seeing yet another indication of a gap between "the people and the elite" (see the video clip; since that appearance, she has softened her tone somewhat).

Of course this is but a bump in the road. Sarkozy is too firmly in command to be thrown seriously off course by this alone. But it is a sign of vulnerability, of overreaching, of overconfidence and consequent imprudence. He may correct himself, as he did after the vacation in Luxor, the sojourn on Bolloré's yacht, and the dinner at Fouquet's. Or he may react, as he sometimes does and as he did in yesterday's interview in Le Figaro, with pugnacity. Rage may lead to further blunders. It's unlikely. Sarko is too canny a politician, and he'll probably find a way out of this dilemma, if necessary by sacrificing Jeannot, who, at 23, still has plenty of time to recover from the blow ...

Delanoë Reacts to Jean Sarkozy's EPAD "Election"

Here. (h/t Polly)