Monday, October 19, 2009

Suicide Epidemic? Not so fast ...

And what if there were no epidemic of suicides at France Telecom? Would the media apologize to Didier Lombard, who has looked on the verge of suicide himself lately? Poor fellow. Treated like a serial killer, when all he's trying to do is make a buck. (h/t Kirk)

Tel père, tel fils

Top: Jean at 22. Bottom: Nicolas at 21.

Orelsan v. Morsay

Culture minister Mitterrand now has more explaining to do: Why is it OK for a rapper to express violent and hateful sentiments toward women but not toward the police? Artistic freedom in the one case, incitement to violence in the other. The distinction is less than perspicuous.

Cool Graphic

How to represent panel data (via Arthur Charpentier): Life expectancy versus wealth over the course of two centuries. The blue dot is France.

French Publishers Resist US Domination

Read about it in the dominant US newspaper.

One Sarko Reform Undone

Nicolas Sarkozy's first major educational reform--the requirement that Guy Môquet's final letter be read annually to every lycée student in France--has been quietly undone by the Ministry of Education. Now how did that happen?

Whoops! Not so fast. The palace has spoken. The revolt is crushed.

"Garçon de qualité"

When Frédéric Mitterrand's sexual proclivities were in the news, there was some discussion of his use of the word "garçon" to describe his partners. Just how old were they? It was authoritatively (and correctly) stated that the word garçon is often applied to men in the prime of life by their seniors. And now we have proof:

"C'est un garçon de qualité, sympathique, que je connais depuis très longtemps", a-t-il dit.

That's the judgment of Jean Sarkozy, age 23, by Claude Leroi, head of the chamber of commerce of Hauts-de-Seine. And a good thing for young Sarko, too, because Leroi just happens to be the tie-breaking vote in the election of the head of EPAD, should the government representatives on the board abstain from voting, as Luc Chatel suggested yesterday they might.

There's no question that Jean Sarkozy is of legal age to do whatever he likes with whomever he likes. So that settles that.

Sciences Po

Jade Lingaard published a very good investigative piece (link is to the first of four parts) on Sciences Po in Mediapart last week. Now Richard Descoings refuses to answer Marianne's questions about the piece. I wish he would.

Blague du jour

Blague du jour : c'est Jean Sarkozy qui dit à son papa « Mais non, papa, je voulais pas un EPAD mais un iPod

(Thanks to Eric Tenin via Polly-Vous Français)

Bataille on TV

Not politics, but I found this interesting (h/t Scott McL):

retrouver ce média sur

Bataille says "Écrire est tout de même faire le contraire de travailler." This, he says, is why writers feel an obscure sense of guilt. Au contraire, Georges. We feel guilty because we're always tempted to quit writing and "travailler plus pour gagner plus," to borrow a phrase.

Frédéric Mitterrand should watch this clip.

More on the Overvalued Euro

Creel, Laurent, and Le Cacheux add to yesterday's discussion of the overvalued Euro (h/t Eloi).