Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"Vous pouvez vérifier."

Those were the words of Jean Sarkozy to an interviewer when questioned about his work at law school. He gave some grades, then said that journalists could check if they didn't believe him. Rue89 did. Here are the results.

Note that he's now doing his second year of law for the third time.

Discriminating Mayor

Story in the news:

Le tribunal correctionnel de Vienne (Isère) a condamné mardi à 18 mois d'emprisonnement avec sursis le maire de Pont-de-Chéruy dans l'Isère, Alain Tuduri, pour "discrimination raciale". L'élu était poursuivi pour avoir usé abusivement de son droit de préemption d'empêcher des acquéreurs potentiels de biens immobiliers portant un nom à consonance maghrébine de s'installer sur la commune...

Intellos Précaires

How does a journalist make ends meet? Are intellectuals the new proletarians?

Territorial Reform

This isn't the splashiest of dossiers, but it can potentially save the state a lot of money and improve the efficiency of government. I can't comment on the details: it would take weeks to sort them all out, and I'm afraid it's just too boring to try. Of course waste, inefficiency, and corruption thrive on boredom, which is why this type of reform is potentially so productive--though of course it has the potential to produce even more waste, inefficiency, and corruption if it's poorly designed. Perhaps someone out there has clearer thoughts than mine.

This is where Sarkozy demonstrates his indefatigable stamina. Another president might leave the nuts and bolts of governance reform to, say, his prime minister. Not Sarko. He's right there on the front lines himself. And by the way, who is his prime minister again?

PS Disintegrating?

My headline may be a trifle sensationalist, but this strikes me as an interesting, and possibly significant, development: Eric Loiselet, the first secretary of the PS Federation of Haute-Marne has quit the party and joined Europe Ecologie for the regionals. He will head the EE list.

So the Greens, who were nipping at the heels of the PS in the European elections, are now starting to pick off midlevel officials of the party. The handwriting is on the wall.

Contribution to Debate on Ethnic Statistics

An interesting contribution to the debate on ethnic statistics by Rahsaan Maxwell, with a preface by Patrick Weil (with thanks for the lead).