Saturday, November 7, 2009

Elysée In the Rap Business

Did the Elysée intervene to get assistance to Pierre Sarkozy, Jean's brother, a rap producer? If so, you've got to give Sarko credit for a thick skin:

“I’m not a Sarkozy guy, I don’t give a s***,” said Poison, whose name is pronounced the English way. “The guy [Pierre Sarkozy] brought me some music. He does good sh**. I didn’t know at the start that it was the son of Sarko. When I found out, I blew a fuse and phoned him. He said ‘Yeah, but Poison, I didn’t wanna tell you ‘cos you wouldn’t wanna hang out wid me no more’. I told him, hey, no problem. You never done me wrong. We’ll bust nobody’s balls, we’ll just do good stuff.” In an anti-Sarkozy video with other rap singers last year, Poison chanted: “Anti-Sarko, anti-right, Nicolas don’t you hear. We’re anti-you.”

Old Chestnut

This is a perennial of French politics: Jacques Chirac and François Hollande run into each other comme par hasard somewhere in deepest Corrèze, in this instance at the Foire du Livre in Brive. This is the French equivalent of the "outside the Beltway" gambit in American politics. The politician assures the locals that they are the salt of the earth, that it really is good for the soul to get outside the Périphérique/Beltway, to return to where the air is pure and the people are occupied with the real stuff of life, be it milking the cows or picking up the latest Beigbeder on a Saturday morning in Brive. The meeting of rivals only enhances the opposition between the "real" life of the provinces and the "unreal" preoccupations of the capital. Left and right join in patting the rump of the cow or hoisting a brewski in jovial proof that, once the artificial distinctions of political life are forgotten, under the surface we are all One.

The cow pats may be real, but the comity isn't.

UPDATE: Maybe it is:

Ce n'est pas tant la photo commune ou les congratulations – sous les applaudissements mais aussi quelques sifflets – que la déclaration de M. Chirac, la veille, au quotidien local, La Montagne. M. Hollande a " sans aucun doute " un destin national, a-t-il dit. " Il en a les moyens et l'ambition. (…) C'est une personne de qualité ". Sans compter que le président du conseil général de Corrèze avait passé tout son vendredi avec Bernadette Chirac, dans l'harmonie la plus parfaite.

La Franche-Tireuse

Ah, I do love French linguistic quarrels. We who speak the ungendered tongue of Shakespeare miss out on so much fun.