Sunday, November 29, 2009

Guillon in Trouble?

Has Stéphane Guillon handed the government a pretext to get him off the air? Rumor has it that of the various political humorists who keep France laughing these days, Guillon is the only one who seriously irritates le pouvoir. Sarko laughs along with Laurent Gerra doing Sarko. Mayor Gaudin of Marseille appears on TV with Nicolas Canteloup, who portrays him as un mafieux and his city as Murder, Inc. All in good fun. But Guillon cuts too close to the bone, apparently, and in the "mariage gris" clip above he trespasses on the sacrosanct vie privée of politicians. Will this suffice to bring him down?

I suspect that, if he goes, it won't be immediately. That would be too direct, too crude. The hint has been planted, and Philippe Val knows how to take hints.

"Bradley Effect" in Switzerland?

The Swiss identity debate seems to be taking a more aggressive turn than the French: early reports are that the Swiss have voted to ban minarets. This is a surprise, since polls had predicted the opposite result. Are we seeing a Swiss "Bradley effect?" Will the outcome, if confirmed, encourage anti-immigrant sentiment in France? Will there be calls for similar bans?