Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Master of the Universe

Charles Bremner's portrait of Sarkozy as master of the universe Europe. Well, measured against Gordon Brown, perhaps ...

Candidate, SWF, Seeks Voters 18-80

Ségolène Royal is opening her Web site up for personal ads--la solidarité participative, she calls it. I hope she has someone who can monitor the posts more closely than Eric Besson is monitoring his site (see previous post). Otherwise, bravitude could quickly turn into téméritude, pour ne pas dire lubricitude.

Eric Besson's Web Site

Bernard G calls attention to some offensive comments posted on Eric Besson's Web site. I will omit giving further publicity to the racist character of the comments. What strikes me, though, is the quality of the writing, which makes these posts self-discrediting. Consider, for example, the following: leurs opignons, signe instantatoires, auront nous, nos politiqes, magrébine, soit disant.

The racism is shocking enough, but O! the spelling! the grammar! Où sont les neiges d'antan?

See also this post of Bernard's on the Right's exploitation of the Swiss minaret vote.

Growing Up

Willem Buiter, alas, feels he must grow up by accepting a job as CitiGroup's chief economist. Hence he is shutting down his excellent Maverecon blog:

Academics have no duty other than to state the truth as they see it - to ’speak truth to power’. This gives them the ability to be undiplomatic, blunt, tactless and outspoken in ways that are unacceptable in the wider world - the world of grown-ups.

The world of grown-ups? Are these the same grown-ups who invested in an indoor ski slope in a Dubai shopping mall? Or cavorted at the Plastix club "for the filthy rich and aesthetically perfect" (by its own account)? Sometimes the crassness, vulgarity, and sheer stupidity--nay, immorality--of the "grown-up world" just turns one's stomach. Prof. Buiter, I wonder how long you'll be able to stick it out. There are pleasures in remaining "undiplomatic, blunt, tactless, and outspoken."