Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Raoult Distinguishes Himself Yet Again

Exasperating fellow, M. Raoult.

Microsoft Surrenders, EU Accepts

So now you'll have your choice of browser in Windows 7--if you live in Europe. Of course you always did have your choice of browser, but you didn't necessarily know you had a choice.

Political theorists may want to chew over the paradox of users being forced to exercise their freedom by the nanny (super)state. As an old techie, however, I want to register a complaint. For years, my first move in acquiring a new computer was to download Firefox. But the latest version of Firefox has a massive memory leak: I have to shut it down every few days as it slowly gobbles up all of my computer's memory. Has anyone told the EU? It's so annoying, I may even revert to IE or capitulate to one of the other empires (really, I ask you, is the greater good served by paying obeisance to Google or Apple rather than Microsoft? Opera and Konqueror users, please remain silent.) The anarchists among us will no doubt recommend Lynx. But seriously, this is the problem with the EU: it fights wars that aren't worth winning.

What's This All About?

Beats me.


I don't know what's stranger in the clip posted here: the regal set in which Thierry Ardisson sits enthroned before his retinue, like a monarch or an old-fashioned président de la République, or Valérie Pécresse, who is obliged to sit through Stéphane Guillon's routine like a stone. It's truly bizarre: Ardisson the entertainer gives himself the airs of a de Gaulle, while the minister, who has chosen to appear on a variety show in order to appear like a regular gal, is sadistically portrayed as a humorless sap while pummeled with humor of a singularly aggressive sort.