Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays

Happy holidays to all. (Blogging was sidetracked today while I dealt with a nasty computer virus.)

Party Names

A historical note on the names of parties of la gauche de la gauche. Could this be because Trotsky is once again d'actualité, at least according to Luc Rosenzweig, who sees lingering Trotskyist influences in Cambadélis's attack on Besson followed by Dray's on Cambadélis?

Finger in the Dike vs. Finger in the Wind

The "debate" on national identity is going so swimmingly that Sarkozy has asked Besson for "more pedagogy" and less debate. I'm sure that all of France is awaiting the official instruction to be offered on la fierté d'être Français. But the president has evidently concluded that it is time to put a finger in the dike to stem the outpouring of prejudice that the debate has occasioned.

Meanwhile, the ever-ambitious Jean-François Copé, as always finger in the wind rather than in the dike, has attempted to steal a march on his president by scheduling a vote on the burqa ban before the parliamentary commission "investigating" the matter has completed its report. This has upset the Elysée, which would prefer that the debate "remain serene, tranquil, and non-stigmatizing for Muslims," as reported by no less than the head of CFCM himself after a meeting with the president. Evidently Copé's haste in interpreting the president's earlier "pedagogy"--"there is no place for the burqa on French soil"--is considered unseemly. And Henri Guaino, who prefers the "democracy of debate" to the "democracy of polls," is also for patience, pedagogy, due process, etc. etc. But then, when all that folderol is out of the way, it will be high time to get on with the foregone conclusion:

Le groupe UMP va déposer mercredi une proposition de loi pour l'interdiction totale de la Burqa. Y êtes-vous favorable ?
Il ne faut rien accepter qui viole nos valeurs les plus fondamentales. Mais il ne faut blesser personne. Attendons les conclusions de la mission parlementaire pour voir jusqu'où doit aller l'interdiction.