Friday, January 29, 2010

Interpret This

Can somebody penetrate this text and tell me what is really going on? Le Point seems to be telling us that three of the biggest financial players in France, Bolloré, Lagardère, and Arnault, all with ties to the government, are engaged in various maneuvers to put pressure on the already beleaguered Le Monde. If it collapses, presumably, one or more of them will pick it up for a song, and gone will be a major independent voice. France will take another step toward Berlusconization. Is this really happening? If so, what is to be done?


satchmo said...

Troubling indeed, an interesting set of developments. I can't see any farther into it based on that article than what Arthur suggests: seemingly concerted economic pressures tending toward a "Berlusconization" (ugh) that's already more advanced in some other countries, etc.

Arthur, what are the ties to the government you mention? Bolloré's strategy seems the most egregiously manipulative, but I don't fully understand the ties of the others. --Not that I have any doubts the government would like to get a handle on Le Monde as an independent voice.

Unknown said...

Bolloré lent Sarko his yacht; Arnault was a witness at his wedding to his previous wife; Lagardère has said that the two are like brothers. Crony capitalism at its finest.

satchmo said...

Ouf, point taken. In that light, the concerted aggression is much clearer.

I need to brush up on my crony list. The story doesn't make half its sense without this information, but one supposes they took it for granted that readers would know it. "Trois poids lourds de l'économie" is one thing, but a bit more of this kind of information about the terrain would have been helpful.

DavidinParis said...

Two countries come to mind. Italy and Berlusconi as you mention. Murdoch and the UK...lamentable for the media of course, but how it affects the hearts and minds is another issue.