Thursday, January 21, 2010

A PACS Is Between One Man and One ... Woman

Heterosexual couples are increasingly choosing the PACS over marriage. And other interesting demographic statistics from INSEE. (h/t Eloi Laurent)

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Passerby said...

Choosing PACS over marriage; or in many cases before marriage.
With a PACS you get the same fiscal benefits and (since the 2005 update of the law) a better inheritance coverage for the partners.

Its status doesn't fully match the marriage; but it's more than enough for a young couple. And it's a perfect first step.
If things don't work out you can split within a couple weeks by sending a letter. If they do work out you can marry (marriage will overwrite your PACS) and live happily ever after.

The INSE also mentionned that marriage was now taking place much later in life. I'm pretty sure PACS is a contributing factor. At least it is in my case and a few friends around me.