Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ah, ça chauffe à droite

The Soumaré affair has occasioned some harsh words on the right. Éric Raoult, who distinguished himself not long ago by suggesting that Marie N'Diaye, as a winner of the Prix Goncourt, had a devoir de réserve that obliged her to say nothing disparaging about her president, now emerges as a sympathizer of M. Soumaré, whose youthful brush with the law "makes me like him" (ce type, ça me le rend sympathique). "If you want to create a reflex on the right against people of color, you couldn't do better" than to go after Soumaré as the UMP did. Of course Raoult also lets slip that Valérie Pécresse hasn't been speaking to him for a month, so one suspects that more is at work than sympathy for the rehabilitated.


MYOS said...

Raoult is a misogynist.
Pécresse is much better than Karoutchi. She's doing her best but she's not helped.

Guillon on Soumaré:

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering about the translation for :
"Si on veut un réflexe anti-droite sur la couleur de peau, on ne fait pas mieux", a ajouté l'élu.

The idea, I believe is that Raoult fears that this affair will reinforce anti-Right sentiment whenever questions relating to race come into play (since the Right ends up coming across as anti-minority/diversity, etc. )

thanks for the link to the Guillon excerpt - il est trop fort!

In his blog, Soumaré writes:
"C’est une erreur de jeunesse dont j’ai tiré les conséquences. J’ai même eu un déclic à ce moment-là. J’ai payé ma dette..."

Which perhaps just goes to show that prison sentences can have a virtuous effect. Instead of becoming the multi-recidivist he is accused of being, Soumaré got active in the community and politics.

The Socialist Party has a fine line to walk and at times I don't think they're achieving it. Huchon brushes off Soumaré's criminal past as if to say its nobody's business in the first place and that it wasnt that serious, after all. As if working-class minorities are more indulgent towards criminal behavior than white middle-class people...