Friday, February 12, 2010


As you may know, Google Mail has introduced a new "feature" (annoyance?) called Buzz, which allows you to follow the Internet tracks of selected gmail users. It can be linked to Blogger and to the Google Reader "shared" page. I've done this, so you can follow via Buzz all posts on French Politics, all the items from other blogs that I choose to share via Google Reader, and anything else that strikes my fancy, simply by following me (my Google user name is art.goldhammer ). Now, for some of you, this may be a bit too much garbage in your Buzz box.

Let me know if you like or hate this new linking possibility, and I may modify my behavior accordingly.


satchmo said...

Art, I naturally thought of your entry here when I came across this rather annoyed commentary on jezebel:

Her goals and concerns are not the same as yours, needless to say.

I tend to wait on new applications such as this until wider popularity and word-of-mouth suggests that it's worth taking the time to use. There's too little time to read everything I'd like to already, so going to new formats for blogs I do pay attention to seems to demand more time than I anticipate having for this type of activity, etc.

For my proverbial two cents.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Satchmo. I'll wait and see what other feedback I get before deciding what to do.

Leo said...

Art, frankly, BUZZ is useless to me. It appears as a response of Google to Facebook and the like, which although a member of, I personally have very little use for.
I am totally satisfied with choosing what I want to read with email and my RSS reader.
Thanks for asking for our opinion and foremost, thanks for sharing you daily thoughts with us. Reading you is a pleasure and a privilege.