Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Chercheurs of the World ...

... unite, and go to Paris. The mayor's office has a program of support for foreign researchers who want to work in the City of Light. (h/t Patrick Weil)


MYOS said...

A very interesting article:

Based on my observations, the 2-year BTS programs offer preprofessional, intensive study (30 hours of class, lots of homework) combined with long internships, resulting in a degree equivalent to a second-tier BS. They are housed in well-equipped facilities for which "universités" would beg. IUT have correct facilities, too, broader curricula; they offer internships as well. These two seem to be the most selective programs in terms of applicants:admissions ratio.
In terms of applicant quality, the most selective are the CPGE, which are also intensive and well-equipped.
It's no wonder most students want to attend one of those, rather than one of the crowded, decrepit "universités".

However, it's totally the reverse in that the 2-year programs (leading to further study) are considered more prestigious than the 3-4-5 year ones!

I found one observation very interesting: according to the researcher, it's not so much there are too many students in France - it's just that the government has not increased the number of spots in keeping with the number of secondary school students. Kind of like trying to fit veterans with their GI Bill into 1920s college facilities.

DavidinParis said...

Et pour nos amis, les chercheurs dehors la France, il vous faut écrire en Français! Hard to prepare an application with a foreign colleague in a language which is no longer the ligua franca...certainly not in scientific research.