Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hell No, He Won't Go

President Obama won't attend the Madrid summit (Times article here). I haven't seen a reaction from Sarkozy yet, but I imagine it will be crisp (h/t Leo) Yet who can blame Obama, after Copenhagen, for avoiding another European junket without tangible results? On the other hand, with "change we can believe in" looking ever more remote, the prospect of a more multilateral world, with not one but many "shining cities on a hill," looks increasingly like a pipe dream.

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Cincinna said...

Of course Obama is not going to Spain. I don't understand your surprise.

Since his inauguration, Obama has shown little inclination or interest in things European. He has shown that he places little value on Western Culture, and the Judeo-Christian values that Europe and the US were founded upon and still share.

In office for less than a month, he chose to give his first foreign policy address in Cairo, to the Muslim world. His sensibilities and sensitivities, and his geopolitical outlook are based on his level of comfort with the Islamic world, and his discomfort with the American and European.

All this hopey-changey stuff is wearing thin around the world. With very few accomplishments to back it up, his popularity is wearing off in Europe. Even Obama Girl is over her crush on Obama. To insult and brush off our traditional allies, France, Britain, and Germany, and Israel, along with Poland, Spain,and the rest of Europe is arrogant and reflects a sea change in American foreign policy that does not correspond with American History, Values, or Traditions.It is not supported by the majority of the American people.

America is, to most Americans, and to many fighting for freedom around the globe, still the Great Shining City on the Hill and a Beacon of Freedom to those who do not yet enjoy freedom as we do.