Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Le Bordel

Is the Socialist Party still a party? Gérard Collomb and Vincent Peillon have decided to speak out in support of Georges Frêche. Is it high principle--the party shouldn't exclude Frêche's supporters even if their principal has a tendency to put his foot in his mouth--or low politics--the Languedoc-Roussillon sections favor DSK in the presidential sweepstakes, and Aubry's move to exclude key elements is seen as a step toward bolstering her own candidacy?

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MYOS said...

Breaking news!
Martine Aubry's hardliners won and all 60 socialists who supported Frêche are kicked out. Martine Aubry might consider having them back, presumably if they wash their mouth with soap, walk a mile on their knee with a rope around their neck, and pledge to never ever say anything nice about Frêche ever again.
The softies were advocating the usual - suspended for a month or so.
It's widely believed she strong armed the decision because she wants to show who's boss so it sounds like your second hypothesis is the right one.
Also, reinforcing that hypothesis, I notice that Martine Aubry is not cleaning anything up North where she scored high through dubious means (PS leaders just laugh, like,' of course she cheated, and if Frêche didn't it's just because he had huissiers watching'... When you're in Paris, try it, you'll see. Shameless.)
However, based on Collomb's, Rebsamen's and Peillon's reaction, I would not rest easy if I were Martine Aubry. First of all, the primaries will involve ALL people who register as pro-left voters: excluded elements are likely to cause trouble and in or out they can vote.
Second of all, Collomb openly said he hated how Aubry is trying to recentralize the PS and will go support Frêche in defiance of her for that reason (not for Frêche: against Aubry. And vocally so). He's not alone in that belief. Many regions are chafing and I've heard in some quarters that hitherto unheard of statement: if the PS wins the Régionals, it will be thanks to the local managers and because Martine was not involved - not the reverse (as was the case in 2004?)
So I'm afraid the hardline will actually accomplish the opposite of what Aubry wanted: open rebellion in the provinces.