Friday, February 26, 2010

MRAP Looks at the Internet

Rue89 calls attention to a study of racism on the Internet published by the MRAP (Mouvement Contre le Racisme et Pour l'Amitié des Peuples). Now, the point of the Rue89 piece is to defend, a site that Hugues Serraf says "can be annoying, not to say exasperating" but that can hardly be characterized as racist or even, as the MRAP calls it, "neo-conservative" (whatever that means in the French context). I agree. I was astonished to find Causeur, which I read fairly regularly for its droll*, sometimes acid, commentaries, listed alongside such sites as francoisdesouche. Indeed, the MRAP report lists "sites that link to Causeur," a group in which I might have found myself, since I have linked to it more than once (and even once linked to francoisdesouche).

The MRAP report offers an interesting map of a segment of French opinion that I, for one, don't know very well, but it should be used with caution, and I will continue to read Causeur despite the warning, just as I will continue to read Alain Finkielkraut and Pierre-André Taguieff, who also come in for criticism in the MRAP document. If one tuned out all opinion that was "annoying and sometimes exasperating," it would be difficult to call oneself well-informed.

* For an example of a droll commentary on a controversial theme, see this piece by Jérôme Leroy on the Roubaix Quick affair. As readers will know, I disagree with Leroy on the substance, but his opposition to what he calls "multiculturalism" is by no means out of bounds, and one learns about the dining habits of teachers in a provincial collège in the 1990s.

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Anonymous said...

heh. kind of interesting this Serraf guy. I guess I'd maybe be a "vaticinatiste de droite", lol!
Tongue in cheek, I'd probably not be helping his case by saying that I'm about 80-90% in agreement with him in his "statement of principles" - and I'm resolutely "du côté des méchants" ;-)

Chris P.