Friday, February 19, 2010

Multiculturalism Revisited

For a philosophical review of the issues raised by multicultural practices (of which the "Quick halal" controversy is just one example--see previous post), see this thoughtful paper by Will Kymlicka.


James Conran said...

That link appears to be broken and googling it doesn't seem to bring it up either...

Unknown said...

Try this:

The link there appears to be broken as well, but it worked earlier, so perhaps they'll fix it.

James Conran said...

Yep that did the trick.

Crescent Surf said...

Yes, we were fixing it and it's working now at :
Many thanks for giving this link.
Roberto Merrill

MYOS said...

As for multiculturalisme à la française:
Luc Chatel's educational reform would kick out "Moslem civilization and its relation to Europe in the Middle Ages" and would replace it - wait for it -
"Christian Europe in Medieval Times"