Thursday, February 11, 2010

NPNS contre NPA

Ni Putes ni Soumises is filing suit against the Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste for running a candidate who wears a scarf over her head. In the estimation of NPNS, this is "antisecular, antifeminist, and antirepublican." Certain commenters think that I'm "naive" for failing to recognize that Ilham Moussaïd is the thin edge of the jihadist wedge. Du calme, mes amis. My grandmother also wore a scarf over her head. The American Republic survived. So will the French.

NPNS really ought to reflect on its own name: Mme Moussaïd is certainly "neither a whore nor a doormat." To run as a candidate for a militantly secular party while bravely wearing a symbol of Muslim identity is about as frank a declaration as one could wish that she is her own woman and nobody's doormat. Give her a break.


CJWilly said...

This is total BS on NPNS's part. Don't they have actual fish to fry? Seriously.

I actually don't understand what they are doing. Are they completely lost in the Sarkozie or what?

Anonymous said...

Religious identity should be kept private, especially in politics, where it is totally irrelevant.

Most muslim women in France do not wear a scarf or a veil, etc...

Anonymous said...

indeed, most Muslim women don't which is why the fuss over one woman wearing a headscarf in the public arena of a political contest is overblown and misplaced.

were something to be irrelevant, one would thus be indifferent to it. thus if one's religion were irrelevant, it should not matter whether one showed it off ostentatiously or whether one kept from public view.

the prohibition of public expressions of religious orientation & belief is based on principles which arise from a particular cultural-context. there is a lot of reference to these principles - républicain, laïques, séculaires - but instead of being argued for, they are most often annunciated as evident truths. but they are not. the imperiousness of the government's mouthpieces on this matter is highly disappointing. there is a real debate to be had - a real interesting one - but it is struggling to come to the fore. and that's a pity.

Chris P.

brent said...

One of the more interesting offshoots of this whole controversy is the incredibly lively and multi-faceted debate going on within the NPA on its various local committee sites (I monitor Paris XII and XIV)--this in a party whose detractors like to claim that it clings to its Leninist-centralist roots. While the national party has offered support for Ms. Moussaïd, rank-and-file are staking out every conceivable position pro and con, and organizing forums to air the dispute. Whether the issue serves the party well or ill in the regionals remains to be seen, but it is precipitating a large advance in the invention of a truly democratic socialism.

MYOS said...

Let us keep in mind that she has no chance of getting elected to anything.