Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Poujadism, The Tea Party of 1950s France?

Robert Zaretsky's clever analogy. Sarah Palin = Pierre Poujade made over for TV. The "Kenyan" in the White House = the Jew at Matignon. Etc. etc. Let's hope that the Tea Party movement fizzles as quickly as Poujadism did--even if the latter did occasion the first book by Stanley Hoffmann.

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Anonymous said...

Poujadisme was a protest from a French silent majority which had a big impact on French politics. It eventually was absorbed by other French "mouvances". This has nothing to do with the phenomenon of American tea parties which can only - maybe - influence the two-party dictatorship than not even Perot could break. Rather than wishing the disappearance of the Tea Party movement - and showing your partisanship again and again - you should keep an objective eye on a legitimate American "ras-le-bol".
Charles Balesi