Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sarkozy in Haiti

President Sarkozy is in Haiti for a few hours today, where he will receive the thanks of Haitians for French aid since the crisis. But here's an interesting statistic for Sarko to ponder during his visit: it has been estimated that with Haiti's current stock of trucks and heavy equipment, it will take three years just to remove the rubble from Port-au-Prince, let alone start rebuilding the country.

Catastrophes don't get any worse than this, short of nuclear war.


Unknown said...

this brought back to mind a BBC world TV scene filmed in Haiti showing haitians, slowly, clearing rubble with their bare hands, where an idiot upper-class accented journalist condescendingly wondered how long it would take to clear the rubble. Welcome to the reality of poverty: lots of hands, no capital nor technology, thus low productivity. Very few broke this vicious circle and they all had functioning institutions. Sometimes, Western journalists (not you, Art, your comment was apt) make me want to puke.

Sepela said...

After the successful haitian revolution the French put an economic blockade on Haiti lasting 50 years (a blockade the US helped to enforce). They only dropped the blockade when Haiti compensated French plantation owners for their lost 'property' property which was principally, you guessed it, the slaves who had freed themselves. Haiti has been broke ever since. Liberte Fraternite Egalite etc.