Thursday, February 25, 2010

Walt's Take on Gates' Remarks

Many commenters decided, probably rightly, that I had taken leave of my senses when I (weakly) defended Robert Gates' comments about European free-riding on US defense spending. Here's Stephen Walt's view of the speech. For Walt it's just a given that Europe is free-riding, an inevitable consequence of US hegemony, and Gates is wasting his breath even to bring it up.

UPDATE: Here's Matt Yglesias's take.


CJWilly said...

Steve Walt's a good fellow.

A bit repetitive, but everyone is if they have to write more than twice a month.

Unknown said...

And bloggers, who write more than twice a day?

CJWilly said...

Not guilty until every other post becomes one on the Israel lobby and why invading Iraq was a bad idea. (As much as I agree with Walt on these things!)

Although, you could make tons of posts of about repeated manifestations of neurotically Islamophobic "laicite" in France. Or perhaps a biweekly dose of bayhashel-bashing? No, no, I love this blog as is!

Boz said...

Art, don't be so hard on yourself. Anyone who argues that Europe is some peaceful oasis that needs no "security" is living a pipe dream. Besides some relatively "minor" problems like Mexican drug runners and a collapsed Haiti, the US lives in a pretty quiet neighborhood too. Our security problems are ones that might not threaten us directly, but which threaten the overall regime of global stability and free trade (nuclear Iran and Korea (and almost Syria and Iraq but thanks to Israel), local insurgencies and international terrorists in Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.) The list goes on. Military force is a very necessary tool in deterrence against states, and unfortunately, sometimes use when other actions fail. Plenty of people accept that but still argue that American meddling is actually more harmful than constructive. I politely disagree.