Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Carbon Tax Abandoned

François Fillon has announced the abandonment of the carbon tax. RIP. It was always a risk for Sarkozy. He took it, perhaps because he believed in it, perhaps because he thought it would divide the opposition. In the end, it divided his own party, and the success of Europe Écologie could not be allowed to go unpunished. And he got nothing for it internationally, either. Copenhagen was the handwriting on the wall. In the current mood of non-cooperation, the tax became an easy target for its enemies. A shame.

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Xtran said...

Ca y est ! French politicians backtrack on carbon tax exactly like the others, citing threats to the competivity of small businesses, which is what in French w'd call "drole", that is rubbish.

First we have to ask why French and other OECD heads of state swallowed the junk science hysteria on global warming being a "menace to humanity", and the Copenhagen COP15 farce being "the last chance to save the planet".

The first and most basic reason for climate change hysteria is these heads of state imagine that Low Carbon Energy can cut their dependence on oil and exposure to high oil prices.

For a discussion of this and other reasons see:-


Andrew McKillop, author "The Final Energy Crisis" Pluto Books 2005, 2008