Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Center Cannot Hold

Two analyses, here and here.


CJWilly said...

Very good pieces, particularly the first one. I would really be quite happy with "the Revenge of Caesar" with a Villepin-Bayrou alliance! I don't know if it is possible or how good at politicking (electorally if nothing else) these two men are.

MYOS said...

I'd be happy with a Bayrou/Villepin ticket, but both would want to be president, plus they'd have to get over the fact Quitterie, who used to be the bridge between them, quit Modem when Marielle de Sarnez felt threatened by her youth and talent, and took her out from running for the European elections.

As of now, the Modem can only exist as a non-left opposition group to Sarkozy's UMP. UMP under Chirac used to be diverse, under Sarkozy it is at Sarkozy's heel and diversity can't express itself - ouverture is just for show, beside annoying UMP reps. Therefore, there cannot be a center-right Modem. Modem has to be somehow on the left - mostly on values (in favor of liberté-égalité-fraternite-laicité, in favor of strong schools, meaning: with trained teachers and classes under 30! --yup I still haven't figured out how to get my kid out of a class with a zero-training teacher and it does weigh on me since I'm not sure Catholic school is a great idea for a non Catholic).

On the other hand, I feel that something's off when I consistently like columns by JFKahn, the French Al Franken. I may not understand everything but it seems reasonable to me (except the 1 to 50 ratio - 1 to 100 seems better to me).

Anonymous said...

No way laicite can represent a core value of the Modem: it is composed for a too big part of the remnants of the defunct CDS, where C was for christian, or was it catholic (don't be fooled by the official appelation "centre").

FrédéricLN said...

Mostly agree with MYOS, not with Anonymous. There were indeed Christians at CDS then FD then UDF who are still there at MoDem (not many ones indeed, but there are some). But many newcomer to MoDem are hard-liner "laïques". That was already the case when FD was founded in 1995, merging a traditionally christian party (CDS) with a laïque one (PSD).

These "Laïc Democrats" share indeed a common value with Christian Democrats : the importance they give to religion, moral issues, values, "humanism".

FrédéricLN said...

PS - and yet the center can hold, but not much, not a long time, in the present French elections system.