Monday, March 29, 2010

"A Cosmopolitan Fifth Column"

Speaking of chowing down, it seems that changes are afoot in France:
Le Fooding is in part a move to épater la bourgeoisie—it was at a Fooding event that the young chef Petter Nilsson famously assembled a plate of vegetables that symbolized the world’s religions, with a giant frite in the shape of a cross on top—but it has also been accused, by left-wing journalists, of representing the bourgeoisie; the populist left-wing magazine Marianne charged that it was a kind of cosmopolitan fifth column in the continuing modern assault on French values, and Emmanuel Rubin left the movement last year, disillusioned by what he considered its loss of moral mission.

Le fooding, evidently. is to the Michelin Guide what le footing is to the 1500-meter Olympic run.

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