Tuesday, March 16, 2010

David Martinon

Remember David Martinon, the Sarkozy flack who got in the way of young Jean Sarkozy and had to be dispatched to the antipodes, en l'occurrence Tinseltown, USA? Well, it seems that he's landed on his feet, even if he can't get any ministers of note to travel to LA for fear of finding themselves pilloried in Le Canard enchaîné for squandering taxpayer euros on sunshine and non-Perrier bottled water. He's even thinking of making a career in the film business. Despite the suggestion in the article that Martinon was once considered a possible successor to Sarkozy (by whom? lui-même en se rasant le matin?), it's nice to know that there's life after Neuilly, and that a guy who looked totally clueless as a candidate can grow into a fellow who dazzles Hollywood gallery owners with his "charisma."

As it turns out, it might have been better if Sarko had kept Martinon in Neuilly and allowed Jean time to finish law school before pushing him into the public arena, because one of the things that voters repeatedly mentioned to pollsters as a reason for disillusionment with Sarkozy was the ill-fated nomination of Jean to head EPAD. A job for which an énarque like Martinon would have been perfect.

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