Sunday, March 14, 2010


My son is in Paris for a few weeks, and he's been to a couple of MoDem rallies in the suburbs, because his host is active in the party. The younger Goldhammer was a little taken aback at one of these rallies when Isaac Hayes' "Theme from Shaft" was played to herald the appearance of candidate Alain Dolium. As my son observed to his host, it's disconcerting for an American, used to the sensitivities of our racial politics, to hear the words "Who's the black private dick/that's a sex machine to all the chicks" greeting a black candidate, whose nomination to head the list in Ile-de-France triggered a certain controversy inside the party. Of course foreignness dulls the sting of certain words and images, but still, one wonders ...


MYOS said...

sensitivity to racial issues has not quite reached most French policians yet. Even those who profess being open-minded are still pretty much where the US used to be 30 years ago.
Excellent culture shock though :p

Cincinna said...

I hope your son is enjoying his stay in France.

His observations about the French when it comes to race seem like a revelation to him. The French obsession with American blacks, movies about them, and yet their total insensitivity to language and racism is mind blowing to an American.

Was the dessert served at the rally "Tete du Negre"? Do these lefties realize that all royalties from the late Isaac Hayes' music go directly to Scientolology?

Political correctness has reached excessive dimension in the US, but the French are as MYOS states, 30 years (at least)behind. Unfortunately, in my experience, that insensitivity or obliviousness to racist language, music, film, etc, is but a reflection of widespread racism in French culture.

Unknown said...

Lefties? MoDem?