Sunday, March 28, 2010


Some of you read the blog via a feed aggregator. One reader complained that I recently changed the settings to send only partial rather than full feeds. This was to encourage more readers to click through the feed to the blog page itself, so that I could get more accurate statistics and hopefully encourage a few of you to notice the ads of our esteemed sponsors and click on them, a Pareto-optimal strategy for enhancing the well-being of all. But in fact I have noticed only a small increase in traffic and apparently inconvenienced some of you, so I have restored full feeds as of today.


Dongshow said...


This article claims in the long run full RSS should boost traffic. It certainly helps me read your site and get some work done at the same time.

James Conran said...

For me, the problem was you could read most of the post before it cut out. Also some links appeared not to work. Krugman's blog has a thing where each post is pithily summarised on the RSS, which is less annoying than seeing half the post and does encourage click-through.

One problem with following French Politics via Google Reader (as I do) is you can't tell which posts have received comments. This may encourage click-through to find out, or maybe people just miss out on the comments...