Saturday, March 27, 2010

French-Bashing in New Hampshire

What passes for wit in the U.S. Republican Party:

"The other day I went to look at their platform for the Democratic Party for our nation. I couldn't understand any of it.  I don't speak any French," - Gov. Tim Pawlenty in New Hampshire Friday.


philosoraptor said...

(That first link doesn't work currently.)

I suppose the natural rejoinder to the mindset represented by that joke is to say something such as, "Yeah, I had the same problem when I realized that the Republicans' platform is written in German."

CJWilly said...

The Republican platform is in Newspeak.

Will France ever be redeemed? Isn't it enough that the French were/are right on Iraq, statism vs. neoliberalism, and healthcare? The Republicans won't change their tune until their ideology has devoured the country.

Unknown said...

This doesn't speak well for Palenty's political sensibilities, and it speaks very badly indeed for his command of political history. At least 25% of New Hampshire's population is of French-Canadian descent, and feels politically oppressed (recall the attack on Ed Muskie in 1972). We might add that some 5% of the population speaks French only...

MYOS said...

Thanks Richard: I was going to say, WAIT, Gov Pawlenty was speaking in New Hampshire? Where French Canadians still have all-French radio stations?

"French" has become short-hand for effeminate, elitist, and cowardly.
However it's so 6-years-ago that I'm not sure it's working as well as it used to.
On the other hand, Republicans aren't at their smartest right now.
I still can't believe the riffle crosshairs and the "reload" campaign.