Monday, March 22, 2010

French Politics on New York Talk Radio

I'm scheduled to do an interview on the regional elections tomorrow morning on WWRL, a talk radio station in New York (1600 on your AM dial if you happen to be in the Big Apple). The interviewer is Errol Louis (pictured): "Talkers Magazine recently named him one of the 'Heavy 100,' the top talk show hosts in America." If you're in NYC, tune in!


MYOS said...

Make sure to bring pictures of the "socialists" so that Errol Louis, at least, understands that the "socialist governors" have nothing in common with the ferocious soviets the name evokes in English. :)
I think that Ségolène Royal in her pink jacket/lowcut dress combo, Martine Aubry with the heavy necklace round the neck, Humpty Dumpty François Hollande plus the bore-me-to-tears pair Fabius+Ayrault from last night, should do the trick.
:p :p
Although Frêche would probably be pleased if you quoted him on his shock jock tactics (vive mao vive lénine - the one that failed yesterday), you'd be sure to scare all listeners and make them reconsider a stay in Southern France. :D

Seriously: good luck, and I look forward to the podcast (hoping there's one.)

Unknown said...

Pictures on talk radio: now there's an idea. A tone poem, perhaps.

MYOS said...

Hm, I meant, for the host :p :p :p
(and a little tongue-in-cheek too - unless you worry for my sanity :p)

Although on French radio I think they've tried it a couple times. Mostly they describe the picture and add sound from the street or wherever the picture is supposed to be.
But then again sometimes French radios film the radio show and post the video online... not so common in the US AFAIK.

Fact is, when I hear "socialist", I - and I don't think I'm alone there - see hungry revolutionaries with kalashnikovs, dictatorships, poverty...
When in fact the French "socialists" are mostly mild, educated politicians, some of them oddballs, some of them stodgy - even if too many of them are boobytrapped in old rhetorics. But nowhere near what the name would imply...
Do you see what I mean?

Do you know whether there'll be a podcast?

Unknown said...

I don't know, but the Web site for the station has some recorded segments. Louis today interviewed the gov of NY, for example.